Manufacturing and Repairing Services

MECxel provides manufacturing and repairing services i.e. lathe machining, milling, grinding and sharpening of various tools.

  • Our services allow you to adapt, recover or reproduce various parts and tools.
  • Our mechanical engineering process is highly flexible and helps our engineers to deliver all types of materials and hardnesses at any given time.
  • Our highly trained engineers can do machining of shafts and bores, general fitting, welding or manufacturing of any part of a processing plant.
lathe machine services

Industries We Serve

milling machine service

Our Services Include

Horizontal and Vertical boring
Milling and Slotting
Cylinder and Surface grinding
Gear Cutting

Tooling with Quality

We deliver parts with concentricity precision upto 0.01 mm.
Our quality assurance team makes sure that the highest quality of parts are delivered as per the requirements received from the clients.

quality assurance services

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